We want to give you a better understanding of where you are currently on each social platform and how we can help you plan for a successful future on social. The information we gather will help you create new objectives and goals and get you the conversion you’re looking for.

Here’s what we do:

  1. Measuring Overall Results

Here we’ll compile all of the social media metrics we can to evaluate your overall results.

  • Number of followers

  • Average likes

  • Average Shares

  • Average Comments

  • Average Clicks

  • Average Views

  • Post Reach

  • Average Saves

We look at every aspect of your social media platforms. We not only examine traditional metrics like engagement and clicks but we’ll take a look at the general sentiment of engagement from your users and average response rates and response times. We want to see how your users are interacting with you (are they leaving reviews, comments, sending DM/s) and how you’re responding to them.

  1. Content Style & Messaging

This is where we’ll look at your overall content and branding. Does your content match your brand aesthetic and are your social efforts relevant to your objectives and goals.

  • Is your content robotic and impersonal?

  • Does your content reflect a strategic content calendar or are you just winging it?

  • Are you using hashtags effectively to maximize reach?

  • Are you creating video, vertical content, boomerangs, and staying on trend with each platform?

  • Is there consistency and quality across each channel?

  • How are you distributing your content?

We’ll determine what kind of posts work best on each platform, which platforms are most valuable to you.

  1. Analyze Audience Demographics & Interests

Your social media followings might be different for each platform. It’s important to optimize for each social channel -- your content, images, video, and profiles. It’s important to know who you can reach through each channel and how each account can support your brand.

In our report you’ll receive the following:

  • What you’re doing well and where you need improvement

  • Performance Benchmarks: audience growth, brand visibility, and engagement (and how they compare to industry averages)

  • Audience Analysis: who’s reached vs. who’s’ engaged and the demographics/interests of your core audience

  • Content Analysis: top performing content types, optimal publishing days and times

  • Specific recommendations for improving efforts on each of your social platforms

  • Competitive analysis -- analysis on your brand’s social efforts compared to those of your competitors or like accounts.  

Our rate begins at $1500 and includes Facebook & Instagram.

If you’d like us to assess Twitter or Pinterest we can include that for an additional $500 per platform.